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To Give You all elements

Had I the sea’s wide promises,

Its depth and its eternal shores

Of endless crystal carpets, which

Reflect the light that heaven pours

Over creation, graciously,

It would not be enough for thee.


Had I the earth’s tremendous fire

That rages deep beneath her crust

And, like desire, sometimes bursts

And spits forth lava, ash and dust,

‘Twould be a pilot light; I see

Such passion were too cold for thee.


Had I the raging of the wind

That howls o’er valleys, hills and streams,

To spread thy name about the world

And wake men from their lazy dreams

To things more wonderful to see

Twould not do justice, yet, to thee.


Had I the firmament of earth

To house the stories of my love,

Furnished with beauties to behold

Both in the land and sky, above,

The world is not enough, for thee

But you’re always enough for me.

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