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time's fickle glass Vol III:

the greater good

To save the future,

they must survive the past...

The Greater Good book
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Auschwitz, 1942. Having been ambushed by The Olympians in 2017, Chris and Araminta find themselves thrown back in time. Without a Chronosphere, and little hope of making it back to their own time, the pair must find within themselves the means to survive. If they don’t, not only are their lives at stake, but the whole of history – for The Olympians have seized control of Time itself and there is no one else to stop them. But what can two teenagers from the twenty-first century do against the Nazi war machine? Can their love outlive the horrors? Can their hope? As all comforts are taken from them – even each other’s company – they are about to witness, first-hand, one of the darkest chapters in human history. Can music set them free? Can knowledge? Faith? Work? One thing, only, is certain: there are 1032 days until the camp will be liberated.


The Greater Good is the third book in the Time’s Fickle Glass series for Young Adults from 14-114.

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