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Philosophy and Theology

A theologian by training (Cambridge University, 2003-2006; MA 2010), Tristan has taught Philosophy, Theology and Ethics for over a decade and writes essays, study guides and anthologies for students.  His own research is in the area of Imaginal Theology, with a particular focus on CS Lewis and science fiction.  Tristan's own poetry, plays and prose writings are considered, by him, to be works of imaginal theology, in that they are vehicles for discussing metaphysical issues.  


His current teaching post is Harris Westminster Sixth Form, where he teaches the CIE Pre-U course in Philosophy and Theology.

Tristan's metaphysics are more Platonist than Aristotelian, his ethics more Kantian than utilitarian, and his theology more Barth than Bultmann.   

Site Members may download some essays for academic purposes (subject to appropriate citation).  

Study Guides may be purchased through PushMe Press or via Amazon.






God and Evil

Science and Religion

Tristan's Blog will contain various philosophical and theological musings and members are encouraged to comment.

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