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A switch in time short screenplay

I was delighted that my screenplay - written in 7 days, for the NYC Midnight Screenwriting competition, received an "honourable mention."  One judge said, [spoilers deleted], 

"This is the strongest script I've read yet. It's really impressive. What you were able to do, the pacing of the early sequences ... then leading into the [reveal] is quite astonishing. It goes absolutely big and delivers. The grounded sequences, the planning and the pace of all that was by far my favorite part. It's so energetic and polished. Vivid and interesting."

I'm uploading it for you to read, here!
(A couple of other judges felt the ending was rushed. It was.  I was limited to twelve pages!)

Hope you enjoy the tie-in.  (Immaterial) prizes for knowing when this project was first mentioned in Time's Fickle Glass! 
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